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At Qmolding, we’re the #1 choice for injection molding services in China. With years of experience, cutting-edge equipment and technology, and a comprehensive, multi-step quality control process, we always offer the best injection molding, mold manufacturing, and surface finishing services.

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No job is too big or too small

Injection molding is a complex method of creating plastic parts by injecting hot resin into a specially-designed mold. Then, the plastic is cooled and ejected – resulting in a plastic component that’s lightweight, durable and has a consistent quality. Injection molding has quickly become the most popular method for creating plastic components worldwide.

Whether you need to produce a single prototype component, or you’re looking for a design & manufacturing partner in China, Qmolding is here to help. Learn more about us and what we do below, or contact us to get more details directly from Qmolding.

The following are plastic injection processes we can offer:

Plastic Injection Molding

This process utilizes plastic resin pellets in an injection molding machine, which are melted down with heat and manipulated into a specific form.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR is used for the molding of rubber parts. It is distinct from conventional silicone, often being the preferred material for part production.


It is a process that combines two materials within one product. The initial tool is referred to as the ‘substrate’, while the second is used for the overmolding.

Insert Molding

Insert molding allows a melted material to be injected into a pre-made custom insert. The process allows for fully-custom designs and shapes

Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Clients who require specific plastic molding cases can utilize this service, creating custom pieces that can be reproduced without numerical limits.

CNC Machining

At Qmolding, we possess a wide range of CNC machining for your metal parts, including turning machines and milling machines

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a method of optimizing your product design to make it easier to manufacture – and at Qmolding, this is our specialty. By working with us to create your plastic injection mold and injection molded parts, you can:

● Eliminate the need for costly component reworks
● Minimize time-to-market
● Control costs more effectively
● Rapidly prototype parts
● Create parts that are easy to accurately assemble during production
● Simplify the process of part assembly, allowing for easier automation

When you work with us, we do more than just create your plastic components with injection molding. Thanks to our DFM-focused approach, we can make recommendations that can help you create better products, reduce manufacturing costs, and much more

Finishing Options for Injection Molding

When your products’ injection molding processes are complete, we offer a range of finishing options to customize your product even further.


Industry-approved textures are applied to your product, allowing for improved cosmetic preference or to improve the product’s performance and comfort.

Color Matching

Customers who are looking for a specific plastic molding color-match have the option of supplying our team with Pantone numbers and part samples.

Pad Printing

We offer clients pad printing services, which allow for the application of two-dimensional images to be applied to three-dimensional products. This is often used for logo application.
Our team will review your pad preferences and ensure the image’s size, color, and quality are compatible with the product.
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Laser Engraving

The process of laser engraving can either be applied to the mold of the product, or to the actual completed products themselves. Often engraving is used for logo engraving, or product numbers.

Basic Assembly

At Qmolding, injection molding china company,we’re happy to provide a basic assembly service to help streamline the production process.
Assembly includes fastening any of the moldings we’ve created together, as well as applying any labels that are necessary for product organization.

Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts can be applied through one of two processes: Heat staking and welding processes.
Heat staking will heat the inserts before they are pressed into molds, whereas welding uses high frequency vibrations to press the inserts into molds. Both options utilize threaded inserts, but neither is compatible with custom inserts.

Plastic Injection Molding Tolerance

Plastic often contracts and expands under the pressure of heat and moisture. To avoid this type of problem, our team will go over your prototype drawings and structure plan, as well as anything else that might affect the tolerance of the plastic involved.
If the tolerance level is too low, we will make suggestions about more efficient materials that will ensure the tolerance level is controlled. This way, we can avoid any potential warping or shrinkage that would otherwise occur. If the customer doesn’t provide us with a tolerance preference, we will use the DIN 16742 standard tolerances.
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Why Choose Qmolding? Understanding The Benefits

So, why should you choose Qmolding for injection molding, plastic mold manufacturing and surface finishing instead of the competition? Here are just a few reasons that we’re the best choice for your next project.

Direct manufacturing

Unlike some other companies out there, we are not a middle-man. We do not contract your parts out to other third-party manufacturers and take a cut of the profit for ourselves

Instead, we handle every step of the manufacturing process in-house. By doing so, we can ensure that your product quality is absolutely perfect – and minimize the risk of faulty or improperly-molded parts. This, in turn, saves you both time and money

Advanced machines

We have invested heavily in the latest modern injection molding machines. Our injection molding machines provide more consistent results and higher efficiency – at a lower cost

We pass these savings on to our customers, allowing them to get the plastic injection-molded

design & manufacturing

We don’t just offer injection molding services, but all-in-one design and manufacturing services. We can help you build a prototype part, refine your design, choose the right plastic resin for your needs, and manufacture your molds and your products – all in the same facility!

This saves you time and money, since there’s no need to work with any other third parties to build your components. We can handle the entire process in-house at our facility, ensuring that you get the plastic injection-molded parts you need quickly and at a low cost.

Experienced designers & technicians

Our goal is to bring together the most specialized and highly-skilled technicians and designers in China, and provide our customers with excellent injection molding services

You can trust our staff to handle your project with care – from design to manufacturing, QA testing and more, we only work with the most qualified and knowledgeable personnel. That’s why we offer the best, most consistent injection-molded products in China

Dedication to customer service

We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction at Qmolding. That’s why we’re dedicated to excellent customer service. We will communicate with you and your team clearly throughout the entire process of designing and manufacturing your injection mold or injection-molded part – and we will regularly check in with you to ensure that your project is proceeding as planned.

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