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Choose Us for ABS Plastic Molding

Are you looking for plastic injection molding services? If so, then we are just here at your service. We at Qmolding, offer ABS plastic molding services.

ABS is an acronym for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is the most basic thermoplastic polymer which is used in molding the injection. It contains styrene and polybutadiene. The styrene gives a shiny surface whereas the polybutadiene offers excellent toughness, at the lowest temperature too. The chemical structure of ABS can be modified to make certain features better.

At Qmolding, we provide a lot of injection molding services to meet all your specific requirements for the project. We offer almost all types of plastic molding services. Know more about them in detail further.

Can ABS plastic be molded?

If you’re wondering if the ABS plastic can be molded or not, then wonder not because it can be molded easily.
Actually, ABS is a thermoplastic that is best known for its toughness and high resistance. Moreover, it shows a really great defiance to rigidity and scratching along with brilliant stability.
So yes, ABS plastic can be easily molded. It is possible because of the thermoplastic properties it possesses.
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What are the advantages of ABS plastic?

ABS is basically a thermoplastic polymer which is also used for injection molding. Moreover, it is the most common type of plastic that is used in 3D print manufacturing and OEM production

In addition to this, ABS plastic has a low melting point and low transition temperature, which means it can be conveniently melted down and molded into various shapes at the time of injection molding. This all is possible because of the chemical properties of plastic.
Also, ABS plastic can be melted down again and again to give a new shape. What’s best about this is, the quality and the chemical properties don’t degrade at the time of melting. In simpler words, this plastic is totally recyclable.
Furthermore, ABS plastic is totally safe to handle. It easily cools down and then hardens which makes it one of the most convenient plastics to carry, paint, machine, glue, sand or manipulate.
This is not the end, apart from this there are various other benefits of ABS plastics as well.
They are as follows:
  • Powerful impact resistance.
  • Tough heat resistance.
  • Lofty tensile strength.
  • Scratch resistance.
  • Shock absorbance
  • Low cost

What are the disadvantages of ABS plastic?

Everything has two sides and so ABS plastic has. It has its advantages and disadvantages as well.
As you’ve read about the advantages, now read further to know about its disadvantages too.
The melting point of the plastic is quite low and it is quite inappropriate for medical implants and high-temperature apps.
The plastic is a poor solvent and it has fatigue resistance too. Therefore, it doesn’t go well with the exposure to ultraviolet rays and the weathering as well if it’s not properly protected.
ABS plastic also has low conductivity which means it cannot be used in situations where it would prove as an obstacle to the design.
When you burn the ABS plastic, it releases high and harmful smoke. This smoke is so poisonous and it can lead to air pollution.
Some more disadvantages of ABS plastic are as follows:
  • Resistance to fatigue and poor solvent.
  • The UV resistance is also poor unless it is kept protected.
  • The bearing properties of the plastic are very poor that is high wear and friction.
  • Smoke evolution is also quite high.
These disadvantages exist but if ABS is used in the applications which are not vulnerable to the drawbacks, then it can be an attractive, cost-effective, and top-performing plastic with a lot of uses and benefits.

Does ABS plastic break easily?

Now this question must also be there in your mind, does the ABS plastic break easily? We are here to answer you!
Actually, the chemical formula of ABS is (C8H8.C4H6.C3H3N)n. The natural and original material of the plastic is opaque and its color is ivory. Also, it is colored with dyes and pigments.
So, ABS is a durable, strong, and chemically tough resin but it easily gets affected and attacked by the polar solvents.

What is better ABS or PVC?

Now, which one is better? If the selection and code are the nonfactors then choose ABS, because it’s convenient to work with.
Unlike the PVC pipes which need cement and purple primer, the ABS pipes can be joined by using cement only. Also, ABS plastic is quite flexible and easy to cut.
Moreover, ABS is stronger and shock-resistant. Also, it is good at handling cold temperatures. For these reasons, ABS is considered better than PVC as it is cost-effective and affordable too

Is ABS Food safe?

ABS is mainly a food-grade plastic. You can store food in it without worrying about the harmful effects as it’s totally safe. Even at the low temperatures, it stays tough and rigid. Also, it comes in a heat resistant, fire retardant grades.

ABS Injection Molding

We offer plastic injection molding services. ABS molding is definitely a good choice because it is affordable and it also offers tough breakage resistance. Moreover, it remains in its original form no matter what.

Whatever is the scope and size of your project, we aim at offering you unique ideas to finish the job efficiently as well as affordably.
We can manufacture various plastic parts of different sizes and shapes as our molding machines are pretty good.

Advantages of ABS Molding

  • Affordable
  • Paintable and palatable
  • Rigidity and strength of the product
  • The ratio of strength to weight
Also, the parts of ABS are used in various industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, marine, and medical. But, we would not recommend it for the food products.

Why Choose us?

We offer plenty of services to our customers. Our main motive is to help out the people by providing them the best and quality material.
All in all, we serve the best at affordable prices