China CNC Turning Services

The CNC or computer numerical control turning is one of the most advanced and high-skilled process of precision engineering. This is a practical production process which is used for producing different types of parts

Here at Qmolding, we based in China provide the best and most experience CNC turning services to all the clients. Being the most reputed service provider in China, we are legit provider of the most accurate and best customized service to cater every individual’s needs and requirements

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What is CNC Turning?

The CNC turning is used as one of the processes for manufacturing precision parts. The increasing complexity of different products needs extremely complex and precise components of different shapes as well as sizes.
With the development of the CNC or computer numerical control, it has been easier to produce those hardware parts. Our reliable CNC turning services can help you to get the right customized parts with the exact shape and size of your needs.

What kinds of materials can be CNC turned?

CNC turning process is a highly accurate process which can be used for producing and prototyping parts. But not all materials can be used for the CNC turning services.
At qmolding, we use the high-grade metals and plastics for this process. These are the two most prominent materials that are used for attaining the required precision.

CNC turning metals

There are different types of metals that are used for CNC turning in qmolding. It is mainly selected on the basis of the requirements of the clients. Here are the metals that are used for the CNC turning process:
Aluminum: It is an affordable yet a highly versatile metal which can be used easily to cut and drill through. It also has a great strength to weight ratio which makes it a perfect option to be considered for making different parts
Stainless Steel: This is another versatile metal option which is widely used in various industries. It’s amazing capability to resist corrosion and other impeccable advantages has made it one of the best metal options that you can consider. The best part is that the stainless steel comes in different grades and we, at qmolding, use the best quality ones to ensure best result.
Steel: Besides that stainless steel, we all use the alloy steels too. This is highly suitable for general tooling, fabrication etc. This type of metal is used in specialist industries
Besides all these metals, we also use other possible metals that can be used in different machines and appliances such as copper, brass, zinc and titanium. We also provide copper metal CNC turning services as it is one of the excellent conductors. It can be used in different electrical parts and machines.
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CNC turning plastics

Though metals are the popular choice when it comes to CNC turning, we also provide CNC turning plastic services too. In contrary to the metals, the plastic precision parts can be of much cheaper costs and can be used in different appliances and machines. The CNC turning plastic services are mainly used for electrical insulations and prototyping the materials. Different types of plastics that are used in CNC turning are:
Ceramic Peek: It provides excellent stability along with good impact strength. It can also provide great impact resistance and excellent machinability. These precisions are used in test sockets, connectors and switches
PVC: This is an excellent option to consider as it provides great resistance to corrosion and chemical. Also, it is 100% resistant to flames and is available at a much lower cost
Nylon: This is one of the most widely popular options which are used extensively in bearings and insulators. It provides good machining and fair flame resistance too

Advantages of CNC Turning

At Qmolding, we focus more on providing our clients with the most cost-effective services on CNC turning. This technology, surely, comes with some amazing advantages. Some of the best benefits or advantages of choosing the CNC turning are:

Better precision

As the name suggests, computer numerical control, everything is controlled by the computer. Digitally manufactured templates or parts can achieve the best accuracy. So, the chances of getting the exact precision are more than any other conventional or manual services. Of course, you can

More consistency

Because of the computer based works, it eliminated all possible human errors. Hence, the CNC turning can produce consistently accurate result. There is an immense consistency in the production providing the clients with absolutely accurate and uniform products all the time.
This is particularly true for the qmolding CNC turning services where we tend to provide the best quality consistent products to you.

Increase in productivity

With the help of the CNC turning, you can just set the programming and the machine will perform the complex series of actions on its own. You don’t have to put in much effort but it can perform the action quite fast. Hence, it is possible to get more parts in a relatively much shorter time.

Cost effectiveness

Another advantage of this CNC turning is that it is quite cost-effective. Producing parts for different manufacturing services will not cost a lot which will also affect the price of the parts too. Hence, we can provide the best service at a much affordable cost


The CNC turning can also provide extreme versatility because they can be reprogrammed immediately in a very short period to produce a different batch of new products. Hence it eliminates the time for any long procedures that lead the production of different set of parts. Hence, it is quite versatile and provides some great result in a very short span

Work relentlessly

Another great advantage of using the CNC turning service is that, these machines can work 24-hour a day without being failed. Hence, we provide the clients with all their needs and requirements within time

Rapid CNC Turning Services

The rapid CNC turning services involves a lot of cutting and molding which are all controlled through the computer programming. The results are ensured to be perfectly suitable for the mechanical uses as per the client’s demand.

Turning of these can be carried on all types of metals and plastics that are mentioned above. Here at qmolding, we provide the best quality service that you can choose for your manufacturing and production business.

Why choose us?

Best quality service

At qmolding, we provide multiple CNC manufacturing capabilities that can meet all types of needs and demands by the clients. You just have to make sure that your exact needs and requirements reach us. Once they reach, we ensure the best quality service from our end.

Full customization

We have all the set-up and programming facilities that are needed to cater the customized service to you. So, no matter what type of parts you need, we are here to provide you with that. Along with that, our experiences in CNC turning services for several years have helped us to provide the most unique service to the clients.
On-time service
The next thing that we take pride in is our on-time service. We, at qmolding, work 24-hour a day to ensure that all the clients get their products right one time. We ensure you 100% safety and guaranteed delivery within time