Plastic Injection Molding Services In China

At Qmolding, we’re passionate about what we do. We are proud to provide each of our clients with high-quality plastic injection molding services and mold manufacturing that will take their projects to the next level.

No job is too big or too small

Using a variety of custom injection molding machines, our manufacturing team is capable of creating unique molds out of an extensive range of materials. High-quality processes and years of experience ensure that we will exceed your expectations every time.

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Qmolding is home to an impressive team of engineers. Even before we begin, we work alongside our clients to understand their vision and specific needs. Our team is happy to make recommendations in regards to materials and product design, so that you’re getting a superior, custom product.
Our clients enjoy competitive pricing, incomparable service, and expert support from start to finish.
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Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturability, or DFM, is a report used at Qmolding to ensure that your product is on the most efficient route to a finished product.

Our Project team will access your project specs, acknowledging how feasible a project is and recognizing any potential problems within the design plan.

Plastic Mold Manufacturing

We don’t just specialize in creating injection-molded plastic components at Qmolding. We also are a leading provider of plastic mold manufacturing services in China.

If you would prefer to handle the production of plastic components at your own factory or at a partner’s factory, we’re still here to help! We will work with your team to design a cost-effective, consistent and reliable plastic injection mold.

We will manufacture it using our advanced CNC machines, test the mold and refine its shape, and add accessories like ejection pins, hot runners, springs and more.
We will take care of the entire process, and work closely with your team while developing your mold. And, once your design has been finalized, we can build and supply you with as many plastic injection molds as your company needs.

Plastic Injection Molding

We offer a wide variety of injection molding services at Qmolding, and we can handle projects of any size. Our specialties include:

Injection Molding,Overmolding,Insert molding,LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) molding

To learn more and find out if injection molding from Qmolding is right for your needs, simply get in touch with Qmolding now, and we can discuss the process in further detail. You can also learn more on our website.

The Materials of Injection Molded Parts

The following are a sample of the materials offered for your custom injection molding needs.

Surface Finishing/Manufacturing Secondary Operations

We offer a full suite of surface finishing and manufacturing secondary operations at Qmolding. Our primary areas of expertise are:

UV Coating

UV coating is ideal for plastic components that will be exposed to UV rays from the sun. Without a UV coating, plastic quickly becomes brittle and discolored, and may even fail prematurely. UV coatings help keep the plastic intact and prolong its lifespan and quality, leading to enhanced durability and better customer satisfaction.

We Have Our Own UV coating line, we don’t have to outsource it


We can paint your completed plastic components with any color or type of paint, simplifying the process of creating your injection-molded part and reducing the need to send your components to multiple facilities for finishing.

We have 3 Painting Line, so we can finish production job quickly and cheaper prices

With our in-house painting and UV coating services, both in House, we can finish your components quickly and easily.
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Other Surface Finish

In addition, we also provide further surface finishes and manufacturing secondary operations, including:

● Polishing
● Silk/pad printing
● Laser etching
● Labeling
● Chrome plating

For more details and to inquire about pricing for our surface finishing and manufacturing secondary operations, just get in touch with the Qmolding team now.

Learn More About The others of finishing surface Painting, UV Coating, Chrome-plating

Quality Control & Assurance

We take Quality Control and Assurance (QA/QC) very seriously at Qmolding. Here are a few ways that we ensure the proper quality of your components.

Certified QC/QA team

We’ve put together a team of experienced and highly-qualified QC/QA specialists with years of combined experience in injection molding. We use TQM, CPC and AQP processes to ensure that your components are always manufactured in line with the latest best practices.

Fully-documented QC/QA

We use a fully-documented, archived process to create your injection-molded parts. Each individual component is fully traceable, allowing for any defects to be traced quickly and dealt with appropriately.

Four-step quality assurance process

Each one of your components will go through our unique, four-step QA process. First, we will inspect the raw materials. Then, each component undergoes a visual inspection, and select components will be examined in our lab for further confirmation of quality. Finally, each finished part undergoes a final check before shipping – ensuring that we maintain a consistent level of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Qmolding is What Your injection Molding Project Needs in China

When it comes to your injection molding china needs, we know that quality is of the highest importance. We couldn’t agree more!

Range of Materials

Fast Turnaround


our team

Experience Speaks Volumes

Our plastic injection molding China experienced team members know what they’re doing, but we like our finished products and happy clients to speak for themselves.

We will never let a client walk away without 100% complete satisfaction. Come in today and speak with one of our expert staff to find out why we’re the first choice when it comes to plastic injection molding services!

Communication is Key

We promise that you will always be in the loop about your product from start to finish. Our team members are happy to stay in touch with you during each stage of your product’s creation.

How does Plastic Injection Molding Work

Injection molding is a process that involves injecting molten plastic into metal mold cavities.
The injection of the material is performed at a high pressure so that the molten material covers the mold cavity fully and evenly.
After this, the mold tool is cooled to harden the material and get the final product out of the mold.
Finally, the mold tool is opened to take the molding out
The process involves multiple stages. Products obtained through this process go for inspection or secondary production process.

Which Variables Affect the Cost of Plastic Injection Molding

The plastic injection molding process is considered a bit expensive. Many factors contribute to the end cost. All the projects are unique and different in terms of design, complexity, sustainability issues, and material choice. These factors increase the costs. Here are the details of some factors that significantly affect the costs.

Material Costs:

There are different types of materials. If you choose an expensive material, you are going to spend more. The weight of the material is a determining factor as well.
The thickness of the product will have a role to decide the end cost.
The mold cavity volume, size of channels, type of the material, and the amount of the material will decide the material cost.

Production Cost

The production cost will vary depending on the injection molding machine as well as the mart design. The machine size will impact the end costs since it will determine the cycle time and hourly rate.
Here again, the material will have a role. Some materials take time for cooling, and that increases the production cost.
Cost of Tooling
In addition to the material and production cost, you will have to focus on the tooling cost to have an exact idea of the required budget of your project. When it comes to the tooling cost, you will have to consider cavity size as well as the mold base.
It is worth mentioning that larger parts will demand a bigger base, and that will result in increased costs. Similarly, you will have to spend more for a large cavity size
Some other cost contributing factors are the number of parts, design complexity, quality requirements, and redesign factors.

What Material Is Used in Injection Molding?

Many different types of materials are available for plastic injection molding. You will have to consider a few factors for choosing the right material. Understand the function and the working environment and then decide the material.
Know which material can be the best for the application of such parts. You will have to check the durability, strength, color, flexibility, and process to get the best outcome.
You will have to choose the right material depending on your project needs. Before choosing any, know the mold flow rate as well as the shrinkage ability of the material. You need to understand these criteria to minimize some undesirable defects that include color streaks, and sink marks. These things are going to affect the tolerances, dimensions, and surface finish of the end product.

How Do I Choose the Right Resin for My Parts

You will have to first ask yourself a few questions to get the right resin. With a better understanding, you can choose the best possible resin for your parts. Here are a few questions you need to go through
Do you want the parts to be flexible or rigid? Do they need to withstand pressure or a certain temperature? What are the appearance considerations? Do they need to meet some regulatory requirements?
It is suggested to start with the family material. The family material can help you with most of the properties that you need for your project. After selecting the material, you can choose the appropriate grade. In the current condition, you will find many databases that can enable you to choose the right material and resin
There are different types of resins. If you are looking for high-performance, you can consider polyetherimide. It is expensive and offers heat resistance and strength.
It is used in the aerospace industry. When your budget is moderate, you can go with polycarbonate or nylon. These are the best for engineering and electronic components.
If you are looking for an affordable resin for the commodity, you can try polystyrene. It is brittle and transparent. Polypropylene is also a commodity resin and affordable. This resin is chemical resistant and flexible. Both these qualities make it the perfect choice for pipes, packaging, or bottles.

Why Are Molds So Expensive?

As you know, the injection mold is known to be the most expensive part of the project.
It can increase the end cost dramatically. Some factors contribute to the end cost of the injection molding process.
These factors are the material, intricacy, and size of the part and the quantity of the parts you are intended to produce.
Injection molds require thousands of pounds of the pressure for every circle. Therefore, the molds need to be made from strong material so that it can withstand the pressure and repeated use without affecting the appearance and size of the end product.
Another factor that affects the cost is the complexity of the design. For more complex designs, you will have to spend more on the mold. Once made, it is hard and even impossible to modify the design.

Why choose our plastic injection molding services

We are thoroughly experienced.
We understand the industry demands.
We know how to win 100% satisfaction with quality products and fast manufacturing process.
We have the experience of manufacturing more than billions of injection molded parts. You can choose any material and resin.
We can assure you a timely and quality solution regardless of the complexity of the project.
We can help you to choose the right design and material that fit your budget as well as the project requirements.

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