Liquid Silicone Rubber In China

Interested in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and its benefits for injection-molded products? At Qmolding, we specialize in injection-molded liquid silicone rubber products. Read on and learn more about our products and services now.
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What Is Liquid Silicone Rubber?

Liquid silicone rubber uses a two-component silicone-rubber compound. Then, this compound is put into an injection mold and heat-cured using a platinum catalyst – this creates the completed part.
LSR injection molding is similar to traditional injection molding, with a major exception. Instead of the material being heated and then delivered into a cool mold, the opposite is true. The silicone rubber compound is sent into the mold as a liquid. Then, it’s heated (vulcanized), and forms into the shape of the part, and is removed from the mold.

Part Design & Materials

While there are some similarities between traditional injection molding and LSR injection molding, the processes are different enough that LSR requires special design expertise for creating your mold, selecting the materials to be used, and creating the design for your part. During the design process, you and your manufacturing partner must consider things like:

The intended final use of the component

How the part fits in its assembly

Load forces that the part must experience during regular use

The form and features required for the mold-formed part

Tolerances for the part

Your manufacturing partner, such as Qmolding, will work with your design and engineering team to develop the proper liquid silicone rubber parts for your project.

LSR Tooling

Creating a precise, high-quality liquid silicone rubber part must begin with a high-quality mold. At Qmolding, we have in-house CNC milling and CNC electrical-discharge machining tools that allow us to create your mold with incredible precision and meet even the tightest requirements for tolerances.
Developing your LSR mold is usually the most expensive part of developing a liquid silicone rubber part. It takes expertise and patience to create an aluminum tool mold that will hold up to the high temperatures of the LSR molding process and provides you with a molded product that meets your specifications.
However, there are some things that make the production of an LSR mold easier, compared to a traditional injection mold. First, there is no need for a highly polished finish for liquid silicone rubber products. Also, since the material readily deforms and resumes its original shape, there is no need to worry about proper draft angles for ejecting the solidified product.

Benefits Of LSR Injection Molding

Wondering why LSR injection molding is a great option for creating liquid silicone rubber components? Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose LSR injection molding from Qmolding.

High production volume

We can handle LSR components of all volumes, and create cost-effective, automated solutions to meet your needs.

Low risk of contamination

Since the part fabrication process occurs in a “closed system” there is a very low risk of the operator or environment contaminating your part.

Easy to automate

LSR part production with injection molding is very easy to automate compared to other methods of creating liquid silicone rubber parts.

Produces less waste

LSR injection molding does not produce scrap “flash,” because it can be used with flashless molds. This helps reduce waste and cost.
Beyond this, liquid silicone rubber itself has some beneficial characteristics which may make it a good choice for your product.

Safe and food/medical grade

LSR can be used to manufacture food-grade and medical-grade components, since it’s clean, inorganic, tasteless and resists bacterial growth.


Liquid silicone rubber is compatible with human tissue and bodily fluids.

Electrical insulation

LSR is an excellent electrical insulator, even compared to HCR and solid silicone.


LSR is completely colorless and transparent, which opens up a lot of unique possibilities. It can also be pigmented during the injection process.

Chemical resistant

Liquid silicone rubber resists common acids and alkali, water, oxidation, and some organic solvents.


Liquid silicone rubber can withstand both high and cold temperatures without deformation or damage.
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To learn more about LSR and if it’s right for your product, contact Qmolding now.

LSR Quality Standards

At Qmolding, we have the very highest LSR quality standards for our products. Some of the steps we take to ensure the best quality include:

In-process and post-process procedures – We actively watch for defects and potential issues with your parts throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Database control numbers – We use data control numbers to track the material for every product batch we manufacture, allowing for traceability if an issue is discovered.

Packaged product history – All of our products are packaged with information about fabrication processes, manufacturing date, materials used and more – allowing you to stay fully informed.

Traceable QA – All of our QA processes are digitized and traceable, and we use market-leading quality assurance systems to ensure that your products are of consistently high quality.

Why Choose Us?

Wondering why you should choose Qmolding for LSR injected parts? Here are just a few reasons we’re the best choice for liquid silicone rubber production in China.

End-to-end design & manufacturing services

Our team of designers and engineers can help you choose the right grade of LSR for your part, create the tooling required to build it, create the part, test it for quality and durability, and much more – with our all-in-one services, you can keep your costs low!

Years of expertise

As a specialized injection molding company, we understand the unique LSR molding process in depth, and can address common challenges that other companies may not be able to handle.

Rapid prototyping

We can create prototypes for your parts in just a few days. This rapid prototyping allows you to quickly refine your parts, and begin producing components quickly. In turn, this reduces time-to-market and enhances profitability.

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