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At Qmolding, we offer high-quality overmolding services for all of your manufacturing needs. This plastic injection molding process is very useful for creating complex parts and has some unique properties which may make it right for your project. Learn more about our two color molding now!
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What Is Overmolding And How Does It Work?

Overmolding is a specialized type of injection molding technique. It consists of creating an injection-molded part and then using another injection mold to add additional layers to the current part.

Essentially, overmolding is the process of combining two different plastics into a single part by molding one material over the other – which is where the term “overmolding” comes from.

Usually, the two shot molding process begins by creating a plastic part using injection molding, out of a particular type of plastic resin. This part must have a higher melting point compared to the other material. That is to be used. Then, the second plastic material is injection molded over this part to add more detail, create accents on the original part, build a grip, or for another such purpose.

What Are The Benefits Of Overmolding?

Overmolding has a number of great benefits for parts manufacturers. Here are just a few of them.

Saves time and money

First and foremost, overmolding from Qmolding lets you save both time and money. We can create overmolded parts in a quick, two-step process using our injection molding machines – so there’s no need to outsource this process.

This saves you both time and money by simplifying logistics and enhancing production turnaround time. It also helps you get better quality control (QC), since every step of production is completed at our facility, and your products will be thoroughly checked for quality before shipment.

No need for additional adhesive

Co-injection allows both plastic parts to be attached together permanently thanks to the heat and pressure of the injection molding process. This eliminates the need for adhesive. This is especially beneficial if you’re having trouble finding an adhesive that is compatible with both types of plastic resin that you intend to use.

Add different textures, designs to parts

With 2k molding, it’s easy to add a more intricate design or a different texture to parts. If you’re creating a lawn rake handle, for example, overmolding can be used to inject a softer, more rubbery resin around the handle, and create a more comfortable contoured grip – enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your product.
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For these reasons – and many more – overmolding from Qmolding is a very useful, versatile method of creating plastic components, parts and products.

What Material Combinations Are Appropriate For Overmolding?

Many different types of material combinations can be used to create overmolded products, including ABS, PEEK, Acrylic Thermoplastics, HDPE, Polycarbonate, Acetal and Delrin.

However, you must take care and make sure that your combination of materials is compatible with overmolding, by ensuring the following:

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Initial part is made of heat-resistant material

The part that is created first must be made of heat-resistant plastic. Otherwise, it may melt when exposed to the high temperatures of injection molding the second material.

The two plastics don’t react

The two plastic resins used must be non-reactive, otherwise, the overmold will completely fall apart and fail.

You work with an experienced overmolding company

Overmolding is more complex than simply injection molding. It takes proper technique, the right equipment, and a good understanding of the plastic resins that are commonly used in manufacturing today.

To learn more and see if your desired material combination is appropriate for overmolding, contact Qmolding now!

What’s The Difference Between Overmolding & Insert Molding?

Insert molding and overmolding may look similar on the surface, but these processes are a bit different.

Overmolding is used to build one part, and then place another layer of plastic, injection-molded material over it. For example, a plastic bicycle handlebar with a soft silicone grip would be an overmolded part.

Insert molding, in contrast, is the process of loading a preformed part (usually metal) into a mold, where it is molded with a special thermoplastic resin to create the final component. For example, brass contacts may be embedded in a plastic resin to create a plastic electrical connector, or a metal threaded insert may be placed into a plastic housing.

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Why Choose Qmolding For Your Overmolding Services?

So, why should you pick Qmolding for your overmolding services, rather than turn to one of our competitors? Here are just a few reasons.

Superior quality

We use the highest-quality tools and employ rigorous QC to make sure that you only get the best products from Qmolding

Dedicated managers

Our engineers and project managers can work with you to help you choose the right materials, provide design input, and ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

Years of expertise

We have decades of experience in injection molding and overmolding, with thousands of satisfied customers and a strong track record of success.

Flexible order sizes

Whether you need just a few components or a bulk shipment, we’re here to help with our flexible order sizes. No job is too big – or too small – for Qmolding!

For all of these reasons, Qmolding is the best choice for overmolding services. Contact us now to learn more, and get started on your next project.

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