Plastic Mold Manufacturing in China

If you need a plastic injection mould design or to be made, Qmolding is the ideal partner in China. We specialize in creating injection mold tooling for companies of all sizes. Read on, and learn more about our plastic moulding manufacturing services.
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What Is Plastic Injection Mold?

A plastic injection tooling is a special type of manufacturing tool used for injection moulding. They are usually made of steel.

Essentially, a plastic injection mold consists of a large cavity into which plastic is injected. This plastic flows around the core and the cavity, which have been built to create the proper size and shape of your component. Then, the plastic part solidifies on the mold, and is ejected from the mold once it’s hardened and solidified. Then, this process is repeated.
A high-quality thermoplastic mold can be used to make millions of plastic components, and is a must-have if you are creating high-quality, high-volume injection-molded components.

Plastic Injection Mold Terms

If you are new to the world of injection moulding, there are some key terms you may want to know while working with an injection mold supplier.

Injection Mold

This is a steel or aluminum mold that is used to injection mold plastic parts in a high-volume production environment.


This refers to the interior part of the mold tool, where molten plastic is injected and then solidifies to create your product


This is the part inside the mold that protrudes, and it works with the cavity to create the proper shape of the product.

Mold Base

The mould base is a plate that supports the core and the cavity.

Parting line

This is a line on the plastic product, which shows where the mold cavity and core come together.


The “draft” refers to an angle of a few degrees, which is used to make it easier to extract the product from the mold tooling once it’s been injection molded.
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Sprues are round chambers that are used to transfer plastic resin from the nozzle through the runner system in the mold

Ejection pin

This is a metal shaft or pin that is used to automatically push a plastic product out of the mold.


A vent is a small space between the mould core and mould cavity, allowing high-pressure air to escape instead of remaining inside the mold. This prevents defects.


Gates are special channels in the tooling that allow melted plastic to flow into the mold tooling.


Sliders are a special type of mechanical structure, which are sometimes used to build specialized parts that can’t be created with a cavity and core alone.


A lifter is a slanting block, which is placed inside the mould. It is used to create recessed or extruded part features

The Injection Mold Design Process – Understanding How It Works

Wondering how your plastic injection tooling will be designed? Here’s how the process works.

Design the mold

First, our team of experienced mold designers will work with you to create a reliable, durable, cost-effective mold for your product using 3D modeling tools and 2D drawings.

Create the mold base assembly

Next, we will create or source a mold base assembly, depending on the mold being crafted.

CNC machining

Your mold components will be created using CNC machining at our facility, based on the 3D images and models built during the design process.

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Heat treatment

Heat treatment may be required to toughen steel in some cases, for extremely high-temperature plastic injection tooling products

Refining shape and mould design

We will use EDM (electrical discharge machining), milling, drilling and wire cutting to add holes, linear features, and add other such components and design elements.

Add accessories & components

Things like ejection pins, springs, hot runners and other such items will be added to complete the basic design

Polish mold

The mold can be polished, if required by your design specifications.

Assembly, QA and trial

Once your mold is finished, we will send it through our QA process to determine that it is functioning properly.

Mold improvements, finalization & texturing

We will troubleshoot your mold and improve it, if necessary. Then, it will be presented for your final approval, and we will have the molds textured (if applicable), completing the job.

Benefits Of Working With Qmolding For Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Wondering why you should choose our mold making company for plastic molds from China? As an experienced plastic injection molding manufacturer, you can trust our mold making service to deliver great results. Here are a few reasons to choose Qmolding.

Years of experience Track record of success

We’ve been providing plastic mold services in China for years, and are a leading mold making company for customers from all across the world.

The best quality assurance (QA)

Our comprehensive quality assurance processes ensure that your mold is functioning properly, and that it is free of any flaws or imperfections that could cause issues during the production of your part.

regular status updates & check-ins

We will always update you about the progression of your project, and work with your engineering and design teams throughout the entire process.

End-to-end design & manufacturing services

We can handle the design and manufacturing of your injection mold. Not only that, but we can also produce your parts for you at our facility, cutting out the need for further manufacturing partners.
For these reasons and many more, Qmolding is the best choice for plastic mold manufacturer in China. To learn more about our plastic mold manufacturing services, get in touch with us right away.
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