Quality Assurance

At Qmolding, we take great pride in producing only the highest-quality injection-molded parts. We’re dedicated to comprehensive quality assurance

Our Quality Control Team

Our quality control team is the best in the business. We work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive outline of your quality expectations – and implement it when creating your components.

We’re certified with all major injection molding authorities and regulators, and adhere to all plastic injection molding quality standards. All of our items undergo a rigorous post-production QA process to ensure that you only receive the best components from Qmolding.

Qmolding has achieved the status of preferred supplier with numerous companies in industries ranging from electronics to consumer packaged goods, medical devices, aerospace and much more. You can trust our quality control team to provide you with the very best manufactured components.
quality control

Fully Documented And Archived

Our quality control department is empowered with the very best equipment – including height and force measurement tools, computerized microscopes, and tools for building custom strength and sealing tests.

Not only that, but the entire process of testing your components is fully documented and archived. Every product we build is fully traceable, including samples, quality assurance tests and other information from every stage of the production process.

ISO 9001

We have A Lot Of Certifications


Quality Control


Not Simply A Stated Term

At Qmolding, we take quality seriously. Certifications and qualifications alone are not enough to guarantee great results.

That’s why quality control is not simply a stated term in our plastic injection molding services – it’s built into our entire manufacturing process, from end-to-end. Our team of inspectors will work with you throughout the entire process of building your component to ensure your products meet your exacting standards.

Our Quality Assurance Process

Our quality assurance process consists of multiple steps:
Quality Station Inspection

Raw material inspection

Your raw materials are checked upon receipt to ensure they meet your standards.

Visual inspection

Each component is inspected for issues after being removed from the molding machine

Quality station inspection

We will examine parts from each batch in our quality lab to check measurements, strength, tolerances and other such details.

Final part inspection

All finished parts undergo a final check in our staging area, ensuring that proper consistency is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Quality Control Parameters in Plastic Injection Molding

We look at a lot of different quality control parameters when manufacturing your plastic injection-molded components. A few of the parameters we control include:
By controlling these parameters carefully and examining each component after it’s been produced, we can guarantee unparalleled quality.
To assist us in this goal, we use advanced systems like TQM (Total Quality Management) Continuous Process Control (CPC) and Advanced Quality Planning (AQP). This allows us to avoid common issues with plastic injection molding, including:

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