Surface Finishes

At Qmolding, we offer a wide variety of in-house surface finishing services for our partners. We can finish your injection-molded parts at our facility in China – saving you the headaches and expenses of shipping them to another manufacturing partner!

To learn more about our surface finishes, just read on below, and get all the details about the capabilities on offer at the Qmolding injection molding facility.

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Basic Texture/Grain

Basic mold texturing/grain involves building an injection mold that has the proper texture for your finished product. This allows you to reach the desired level of gloss and polish, and the proper texture for your injection-molded product. We’ll follow your specifications to the letter, and ensure the texture and grain of your product is perfect.

Regular Polish

For injection-molded parts that must have a smoother, polished plastic surface, we can offer regular polishing services that use micro-abrasion products like plastic beads to smooth out the texture of the product, and provide it with a smoother finish.

Silk/Pad Printing

We offer silk/pad printing which uses a unique inking tool to add your two-dimensional image to your plastic product – such as a pattern, color, a special design, or a corporate logo.
We will work with you to review your images and develop them so that they look great on your completed parts, and our in-house silk/pad printing services are guaranteed to exceed your every expectation.
pad painting


In-mold labeling uses a paper or plastic label, which is formed into the part during the molding process. It becomes an integral part of the molded part. This helps cut costs, as you do not need to use an additional adhesive or an extra machine to add the decoration for your injection-molded part.

Laser Etching

Laser etching uses a special, high-powered laser to create part numbers, serial numbers, logos and other designs on your parts. Laser etching can be used to create a mold that will automatically add the printed text or image to the part as it’s molded – or it can be used to engrave the completed part individually.


Some types of plastic, like ABS and PC ABS, can be electro-plated with metal. Most commonly, chrome plating is used for these plastics. Chrome plating helps add more visual flair to plastic components, and allows them to look, feel, and function similarly to a metal part while maintaining a much lighter weight.

Mirror Polish

Mirror polish takes things a step further, and provides your plastic product with a glossy, smooth, mirror-like finish. This may be desired for some high-quality plastic components that are a key part of a product’s visual appeal.


At Qmolding, we offer a variety of painting services for your finished products.
We can use your specified paints and colors to complete your products. Whether your product needs to be coated in a single color or requires multiple coats of different colors to produce a multi-colored component, we’re here to help.

We have our own 3 painting lines

painting line

UV Coating

UV coating
UV coating is another one of our most popular services at Qmolding, and it’s especially important for plastic components that will be used outdoors, such as in vehicles or outdoor furniture.
UV coating uses a special paint or UV-resistant clear coat, which is applied directly to your plastic part. This coating helps reduce the plastic’s susceptibility to UV degradation from the sun’s rays, and prevents things like bleaching of color, plastic brittleness, and more. This results in a higher-quality component with a longer lifespan, and better customer satisfaction.

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