What are disadvantages of 3D printing

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It is quite certain that today’s technology is developing very fast.
People contribute to this by producing something completely new every day that could meet human needs
The common question people interested in technology want to know nowadays is: What is 3D printing?
The explanation isn’t that complicated.
It goes pretty much like this:

you design some object, put it in a digital file, and based on that, you should import it in a 3D printer.
3D printer will make a 3D object using a certain material (like Nylon and other plastic) thanks to that digital file.

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3D printers a device with completely new features that try to meet the shortcomings of today.
People are always in need to buy some products.
Often the solutions 3D printer makes are great and pragmatic, but sometimes they simply fail in the process.
The costumers should be prepared for that because not every technology can replace human hands. That should be clear.


Firstly, one big advantage of a 3D printer is that it doesn’t vibrate as the CNC machine does
When it comes to producing an object, the 3D printer makes a smaller waste overall. It is mainly because of the starting product. CNC machine needs a blank (it is usually some kind of object, like a cube) and by processing its work it shapes the object. There is more waste than a 3D printer that uses something like a powder and it ‘builds’ the wanted object with a smaller waste

CNC machine, generally, uses more materials to shape an object, while the 3D printer does not. But, the number of materials compatible with the 3D printer is growing from day to day

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Based on the process of creating the object, the CNC machine makes more quality objects because it doesn’t need to heat the material and then shape it while the 3D printer does. It takes a bit longer for a 3D printer and it’s more expensive.


Both, 3D printer and Injection molding must heat the material they work with.

Injection molding is the best when it comes to producing a lot of the same things, objects… It has a lower tolerance for making mistakes while a 3D printer doesn’t seem to be like that. There is not a perfect product every time.

While using layers for shaping an object, a 3D printer will make a rough finish. That’s not the case with injection molding because it constantly heats the material and based on that dose the optimal amount needed to finish the product.
3D printer will disappoint you when it comes to a battle between these two machines because it cannot make big products as the injection molding machine.
3D printer makes less waste.


A 3D printer is a machine that will make you good products if you care enough for them. That means you should clean them every time you finish with your work. Indeed, the 3D printer makes less waste than its competitors.

The Disadvantages 3D Printer Has:

Size limits – it’s disappointing that you cannot make huge objects with a 3D printer, so you are limited right there.

Costly – every material that you have to use while producing is expensive.

Rough finishes – while it uses layers to build an object it won’t make a nice touch to it.


3D printing is high on demand. It is easy-to-use and it can make a lot of needed products. The level of plastic will grow up and it’s something we don’t like.
New things and products will arrive for sure. A lot of people will be able to afford it, but just a few will be free to use it worldwide.
3D printing could help with producing highly needed products for hospitals, laboratories, art… It will for sure ease the process of discovering something new in medicine.


Given these shortcomings, it is good to sit down and think for a while if this is exactly what you need. Does it meet all your requirements and can you cover all the costs of a 3D printer? You have to be aware of that but also look at the economy.
Today, high costs are undesirable if profits are small. This must be harmonized and do not be sorry to invest in health, because it is often disrupted when using today’s technology.